Labels for Libations!

Calling All Artists!

Ever since Magic Hat’s humble beginnings on Flynn Avenue in the heart of Burlington’s South End, we’ve been a strong supporter of this city’s amazing arts community. Over the years, we’ve partnered with SEABA and their South End Art Hop. This year, we’re teaming up for a program called Labels for Libations, a call for local Vermont artists to create a label for Art Hop Ale, a limited-edition 22-ounce beer that will be available exclusively at the Magic Hat Artifactory in 2013. Proceeds from this beer’s sales will benefit SEABA and their artistic endeavors in the Burlington area. It’s time to harness your artistic energies and love for beer into one project. Get it on!

How it Works

Follow instructions on the Submit page to enter your label creation by August 15, 2012 either online or in person!

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