Art Hop is still Hopping on Sunday too!

Sunday is still going strong with Art Hop down here in the beautiful South End of Burlington! The weather looks great, so HOP on down and enjoy all the local art work/businesses!

Below is a listing of all the sites that plan to be open for Sunday’s Hopping, as well as any event’s happening throughout the day:

1. Burton Snowboards, 802-660-3200, 80 Industrial Parkway OPEN SUNDAY 11-6PM

3. Petra Cliffs Climbing Center, 802-657-3872, 105 Briggs Street OPEN SUNDAY 10-6PM

4. Switchback Brewing Company, 802-651-4114, 160 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 11-6PM

5A. Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, 802-488-5766, 180 Flynn Avenue, Suite 2 OPEN SUNDAY 12-4PM

5B. 180 Flynn Hallways, 180 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

5C. Raissa Venables, 845-901-5318, 180 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 2-5PM

6A. Rose Diamond Arts, 802-989-2328, 180 Flynn Ave, Greenhouse, Suite 4 OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

7. Tao Woodworking, 802-999-3075, 180 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 9-5PM

8. Upstairs Antiques, 802-859-8966, 207 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 10-6PM

10A. RETN/VCAM Studios, 802-651-9692, 208 Flynn Avenue, Suite 2G VCAM OPEN SUNDAY 10-10PM

10B. REV Indoor Cycling, 802-598-9746, 208 Flynn Ave OPEN SUNDAY TILL 12PM

11. Pine Street Deli, 802-862-9614, 316 Flynn Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 8-6PM

14A. Lake Champlain Chocolates, 808 864-1807, 750 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-5PM

14B. South End Kitchen, 802-864-0505, 716 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 8-6PM

15. Queen City Brewery, 802-540-0280, 703-B Pine Street Burlington OPEN SUNDAY 1-5PM

17A. SoYo Frozen Yogurt, 802-540-0851, 696 Pine Street, Suite 4 OPEN SUNDAY 11-9PM

17B. Hallways, 696 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

18. WND & WVS, 802-540-2529, 688 Pine Street, Suite C OPEN SUNDAY 10-7PM

19. Play Dog Play, 802-540-0545, 668 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 8-6PM

21. Innovation Center of Vermont, 128 Lakeside Avenue OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

22A. Maltex Building, 802-863-8210, 431 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

22C. The Wellness Collective, 802-881-8946, 431 Pine Street, Suite 312 OPEN SUNDAY 10-4PM

24A. Alchemy Jewelry Arts Gallery, 802-660-2032, 2 Howard Street, A1 OPEN SUNDAY 12-3PM

24B. Timothy Grannis Studio OPEN SUNDAY 12-3PM

24C. Catherine Hall Studio, 802-343-1781, 4 Howard Street, A OPEN SUNDAY 12-4PM

24C. Linda E. Jones Studio, 802-863-4585, 4 Howard Street, 3rd Floor OPEN SUNDAY 12-3PM

24E. Davis Studio # 1, 802-399-0972, 4 Howard Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

24E. Davis Studio # 2, 802-399-0972, 4 Howard Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

24E. South End Glass at Davis Studio, 802-399-0972, 4 Howard Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

25. The Lamp Shop, 802-864-6782, 424 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 12-4PM

26. Sterling Hardwoods/ Sterling Furniture Works, 802-862-0186, 422 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 10-4PM

27A. Toni-Lee Sangastiano Studio, 646-415-1212, 416 Pine Street, E-6 OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

27B. AO Glass Works, 802-540-0223, 416 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 12-4PM

28. Speeder & Earl’s Coffee, 802-658-6016, 412 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 8-5PM

29A. SEABA Center, 802-859-9222, 404 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

29B. Davis Studio Gallery, 802-399-0972, 404 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

31. Burlington Furniture Company, 802-862-5056, 388 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 12-5PM

32A. Barge Canal Market, 802-309-9151, 377 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 10-5PM

32B. Myers Bagels & Cafe, 802-863-5013, 377 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 4-4PM

34A. Citizen Cider, 802-448-3278, 316 Pine Street, Suite 114 OPEN SUNDAY 12-6PM

36A. Evolution PT & Yoga, 802-864-9642, 20 Kilburn Street, Suite 120 OPEN SUNDAY 8-2PM

39B. The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, 802-578-2512, 266 Pine Street, Suite 105 OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

39C. Brickels Gallery, 802-825-8214, The Soda Plant, 266 Pine Street, Suite 104-A OPEN SUNDAY 12-4PM

39C. Revival Studio, 802-355-4091, The Soda Plant 266 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 11-4PM

42B. Casey Blanchard, 802-985-3037, Studio 266, 266 South Champlain Street  SUNDAY APPOINTMENT ONLY

42E. Johanne Durocher Yordan, 802-373-7544, Studio 266, 266 South Champlain Street SUNDAY APPOINTMENT ONLY

43., 802-318-8191, 234 Pine Street OPEN SUNDAY 9:30-12PM

*ReSOURCE Household Goods Store OPEN SUNDAY 9:30-6PM


Sunday Events

September 7th

    Rose Diamond, 180 Flynn Ave, Greenhouse #4
    Queen City Brewery, 703-B Pine Street
    The Wellness Collective, 431 Pine Street, Suite 312
    The Wellness Collective is proud to celebrate our One-Year Anniversary with a weekend-long Open House in conjunction with the South End Art Hop. Come find us in Suites 312 and 201 of The Maltex Building to enjoy the work of amazing local artists and celebrate the Art of Healing with FREE massage, treatment demos, yoga classes, and much more!
    AO Glass, 416 Pine Street
    Deep Deep Discounts on seconds, prototypes and things that seemed like a good idea at the time!
    Archistream- AIAVT Design Resource Center, 416 Pine Street # E-2
    Architecture & Design -Build Exhibit: Archistream, a Design Resource Center and project of AIA Vermont contains 3 architectural exhibits and hands-on activities.
    Davis Studio #1, 4 Howard Street
    Deep Sea Interactive Art Installation: Experience the mysteries of the deep, peer through the window of a submarine, and make your own glowing sea creature to add to the installation or take with you.
    ArtsRiot, 400 Pine Street
    9-3pm Kitchen Collective Champagne Brunch.
    Barge Canal Market, 377 Pine Street
    Barge Canal Market would like your help again to refresh their decor. Come leave your mark on one of the large panels that will be displayed around the store through the year!
    Generator, 250 Main Street, Memorial Auditorium Annex
    Maker demos and workshops throughout the weekend exploring the use of the 3D printer, laser cutter, electronics, and robotic applications!

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