SEABA & Speeders : Breaking Down the Walls, a new collaboration!


The on-going goal of SEABA is promoting the creative community and economic vitality of the South End of Burlington. SEABA in partnership with Speeder & Earls will take our community vision a step further by tearing down the walls and creating a coffee lounge in the SEABA Gallery at 404 Pine Street.

We plan to make the Gallery into a relaxed community meeting & gathering space surrounded by art and coffee. A place to come and relax on our couches, listen to local music, play games, free wifi, enjoy our curated exhibits, have quiet meeting space and just relax a bit longer while enjoying your Speeder & Earls coffee or tea.

This venture allows Speeders to expand in the South End. SEABA will maintain our office and curated exhibits. The community will benefit by having a wonderful community space in the South End. It will also allow for joint special events during the evening hours.

We need your help to accomplish this and achieve our goal for a grand opening ceremony on May 1st!

Please check out our GoFundMe!


And as always, Thank you for all your support!

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