Year End Giving – Thank you!

Dear Friends of SEABA,
                It’s my immense pleasure to write to you as the Executive Director of SEABA. Years ago, I served on SEABA’s Board of Directors and then as it’s Assistant Director from 2010-2012. I’m thrilled to be back and look forward to fostering our collective creative visions with passion and dedication.

The South End of Burlington has seen a complete economic overhaul and nearly all of its warehouses have been refitted and transformed to house thriving independent businesses, artist studios, and nationally recognized companies that support our local economy. Founded in 1986, SEABA has been instrumental in this large and important shift and continues to be central to the growth and economic vitality of the area.

Recently, the Washington Post, with contributions from SEABA, published an article entitled “Why You Should Visit Burlington”, heavily featuring the ‘South End Arts District’ as one of our city’s most compelling attractions. What we have in the South End is incredibly special; locals know this and word is now spreading nationally. SEABA is here to market and celebrate this uniqueness, to advocate for the area both locally and beyond, thereby bringing that awareness to a larger audience, encouraging tourism, and hosting signature events such as the South End Art Hop.

Our vision is to build on the South End as a popular destination not only for all that it offers today, but also for its cohesive voice and identity as a truly magical place with historical markers dictating the cultural relevance of each building, self-guided audio tours, and branded signage. SEABA has begun to prototype this future already; this year’s South End Art Hop featured four distinct color-coded zones, created to facilitate wayfinding and to encourage participants to visit each location. We intend to further develop this unity and identity throughout the year to bring together artists, businesses, and neighbors from each zone to share ideas and encourage collaboration.

Accomplishing this vision in 2020 and beyond will require hard work, ingenuity, along with generous support from our community. Please consider making a donation to SEABA. Your tax-deductible contribution will have a direct impact, for each dollar we raise is invaluably important to our future programming and endeavors. Thank you for your support!

Creatively yours,
Christy Mitchell
Executive Director
South End Arts + Business Association

Tax-deductible contributions to ‘SEABA’ may be mailed to:
28 Howard Street, Ste 303 Burlington, VT 05401
You may call to make a contribution to:
(802) 859-9222
You may donate online:
Your tax-deductible contribution here means a lot to our small non-profit arts organization, thank you!

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