2017 Artist & Site Description

1A. Circle Strings, 917-273-1497, 8 Home Avenue
Adam Buchwald, Luthier: Guitar & Mandolin Maker

1B. Creston Electric Instruments, 802-373-4645, 8 Home Avenue
Creston Lea, Electric Guitars
2. Petra Cliffs Climbing Center & Mountaineering School, 802-657-3872, 105 Briggs Street
MEM, Fine Art Photography
Neil Berger, Landscape Oil Painting
Pamela Wilson, Contemporary Clay & Fiber Art
3. Long Trail Physical Therapy, 802-264-1052, 789 Pine Street
4. Switchback Brewing Company, 802-651-4114, 160 Flynn Avenue
Amy Lieblein, Illustration
Connie Barrett, Photography
5A. dok wright photography, 802-310-1568, 180 Flynn Avenue
Dok Wright, Photography
Backside of 180 Flynn Avenue
5B. 180 Flynn Creative Nook, 802-859-9222, 180 Flynn Avenue 
Bruno Tracy Illustrator, Digital Illustration
Hi roka, Fabric, Electric, Paper, Pen & Foam
Jacques Burke, Acrylic Paint & Photography
Scott K Monteiro, Ink & Brush, Watercolor
The Sludgeboss, Acrylic
Tom Baginski, Acrylic
5C. Tao Woodworking, 802-999-3075, 180 Flynn Avenue
Duane Albro, Wood Stand-up Paddle Boards
5D. Wicklund Guitars, 802-498-4191, 180 Flynn Avenue
Bruce Parizo, Wood, Brass, Silver, Turquoise & Mother of Pearl
Peter Wicklund, Wood, Cast Granite & Abalone
5E. Deep 6 Fixtures & Goods, 802-540-0191, 180 Flynn Avenue
Joseph Wiles, Furniture & Lighting
Laura Wiles, Textiles & Painting
The Green House
6A. Holly Hauxjeffers, 802-310-1886, 180 Flynn Avenue, Studio #4 (Upstairs)
Alicia Daniel, Found Elk Hide, Wood, Pebbles, Corn & Gemstones
Holly Hauxjeffers, Graphite on Paper/Canvas & Oil on Canvas
6B. Nancy Stalnaker Studio, 802-598-6868, 180 Flynn Avenue, Studio #6 (Upstairs)
Nancy Stalnaker, Watercolor
6C. Constance Kent Cut Paper, 802-355-5901, 180 Flynn Avenue, Studio #5
Constance Kent, Cut Paper
6D. The Ross Line, 802-324-7340, 180 Flynn Avenue, Studio #1
Ross Berry
7A. FLYNNDOG, 802-363-4746, 208 Flynn Avenue
Ann Barlow, Photography
Athena Tasiapoulos, Mixed Media Painting
Barbee Hauzinger, Collage
Lyna Lou Nordstrom, Printmaking
Ted Wimpey, Photography
Wendy Copp, Sculpture with Organic Materials
Winnie Looby, Installation, Painting & Sculpture
7B. Burlington Taiko, 802-999-4255, 208 Flynn Avenue, Suite #3G
Burlington Taiko: Japanese Drumming
Dee Creative Music Photography, Photography (Historic Jazz Musicians)
Stuart Paton, Taiko & World Drumming, Education & Repair
8. VCAM, RETN & WBTV-LP Studios, 802-651-9692, 208 Flynn Avenue, Suite #2G
Group Exhibit
Amanda Amend Watercolors, Watercolor
Brandy Sue Bushey, Metalsmithing
David Punia, Digital Photography
Deborah Zale, Photography
Edward C Salinas, Metal & Mixed Medium
Ezra Ranz, Oil
Frank Talbott, Oil
Hannibal Hill, Watercolor
Hope Beyor, Pencil & Watercolor Marker
Ida Ludlow, Acrylic & Oil Pastel
J. Yousey, Oil
Jenn Roberts, Watercolor Crayons & Oil
Jessica Avery, Mixed Media
Jessie Stark, Oil, Watercolor & Ink
JoAnn Gaffron-Hargrove, Reverse Painting on Windows 
Katrina Allen Art, Acrylic
Kim Goodling, Wool, Silk & Natural Fibers
Liv Smith, Acrylic on Canvas & Glass
Longina Smolinski, Painting, Sculpture & Jewelry
Mari-Anna Constantin Capatina, Watercolor & Oil
No Good Art, Acrylic on Canvas
Pete Boardman, Three-Dimensional Paintings
Rebecca White, Photography
Richard Andresen, Mixed Media
Tawnya McDonald, Digital Photography
Teresa Celemin, Drawing & Painting
The Bridging Program, Photography
The Custom Image, Portraits & Image Restoration
9A. Noyes Automotive & Tire, 802-864-6867, 777 Pine Street
BillyBob, Acrylic
9B. House of Fermentology, 802-598-6226, 777 Pine Street
Clark Derbes
9C. PRIME Shades, 802-220-8545, 777 Pine Street
10. Lake Champlain Chocolates, 808 864-1807, 750 Pine Street
Emily McCracken, Chocolate Sculptress
11A. The HAVOC Gallery, 800-639-1868, 27 Sears Lane
Bruce R. MacDonald, Stainless Steel Light Sculpture
John Rose, Sculpture
11B. The Generator, 802-540-0761, 40 Sears Lane
Happy Fantastic Designs, Printmaking & Laser-cut Wood 
12A. Burlington Furniture, 802-862-5056, 747 Pine Street
12B. Burlington Mattress, 802-862-7167, 747 Pine Street
A. The Great Northern, 802-489-5102, 716 Pine Street
Eric Eickmann, Clothing & Mixed Media
13. Queen City Brewery, 802-540-0280, 703-B Pine Street
Sara Held, Photography
Tawnya McDonald, Photography
14A. 696 Hallways, 802-859-9222, 696 Pine Street
Cate Nicholas, Photography
Chuck Niles, Acrylic on Canvas
Connor Finnerty, Pen, Watercolor & Digital
Jeffrey Robbins, Watercolor
Larry Arasin, 35mm Film Photography
Martha Elmes, Acrylic, Repurposed Paper & Ink
Megan Winward, Acrylic on Canvas
Sammie Blackmore, Acrylic
Stephen Mease Photography, Photography
14B. SoYo Frozen Yogurt, 802-540-0851, 696 Pine Street, Suite #4
Ann Pearce Arts, Photography
B LaPointe Fontaine, Watercolor, Acrylics & Oils
Deena Frankel, Watercolor, Pen & Ink
Ed Wilkens, Acrylic on Canvas
14C. Brio Coffeeworks, 802-777-6641, 696 Pine Street, Suite #4B
My Daily Bunny, Watercolor & Ink
15. WND & WVS, 802-540-2529, 688 Pine Street, Suite C
Chance McNiff, Photography
Colin Mckay Senesac, Paint
Lauren Pricer, Acrylic & Oil
Sharon O’Neill, Rug Hooking & Mixed Fiber
Todd Cummings, Drawing, Digital & Screen-print
16. Play Dog Play, 802-540-0545, 668 Pine Street
Anissa Lapell, Photography
Natalie Stultz, Photography
17. Burlington Record Plant, 802-999-8849, 660 Pine Street
Adam Forguites, Oil
Josh Sinz, Mixed Media & Collage
18. Buy a Hyper-Freeze from Cumberland Farms…
 …and find Even Greenwald to give it to him!
19A. Innovation Center of Vermont, 802-859-9222, 128 Lakeside Avenue
Austin Abbott, Digital Photography
BREAKER, Digital Media & Acrylic
E. James, Watercolor, Pen & Acrylic
Eleanor Bobbie Lanahan, Gouache
Gabrielle Brooks, Acrylic & Watercolor
J.Thorpe, Abstract Acrylic & Mixed Media
Janet Boneau, Oil
John Metruk, Oil
Lynne Reed, Acrylic
Marilyn Barry, Oil & Mixed Media
Mike Reilly, Digital Photography
Nicole Colelle, Mixed Media
Rae Harrell, Acrylic
Rebecca Rouiller, Oil & Acrylic
Robert Gold, Photo Prints & Acrylic
Terry Mercy, Acrylic & Mixed Media
19B. Dept. of Veterans Affairs & Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, 128 Lakeside Avenue
Art from Military Veterans
20. Burlington Electric Department, 802-865-7300, 585 Pine Street
21A. Maltex Building, 802-859-9222, 431 Pine Street
Group Exhibit
(michael smith), Acrylic
Andria Lovejoy, Acrylic
Bob Arns (Mutin), Acrylic & Oil Paint
Clara Behrman, Photography, Oil & Watercolor
Dennis McCarthy, Oil
Dierdra Michelle, Acrylic Paints
Donna Bister, Color Photography
Emily Mitchelle Fine Art Painting, Acrylic & Mixed Media
Forrest Brandt, Painting, Collage & Mixed Media
Gloria King Merritt, Digital Painting
James Valastro Productions, Cartoon Hens & Photography
Jessica Benoit, Mixed Media, Fabric & Found Objects
Jessica Boutin, Acrylic
Jim Bruce, Oil, Acrylic & Mixed Media
Judith Maculan, Watercolor
Katie Loesel, Printmaking & Drawing
Kimberlee Forney, Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Larry Bissonnette, Mixed Media
Lauren Wooden Watercolors, Watercolor Painting
Lilia True, Digital, Pen & Watercolor
Linda Di Sante, Watercolor, Pastels & Graphite
Linda Maney, Abstract Acrylic & Watercolors
Louella Richer, Acrylic & Mixed Mediums
Matt Larson, Mixed Media
Michael Nighswonger, Acrylic on Canvas
Michelle Turbide, Acrylic & Mixed Media
Oleg Parkansky, Oil
Rik Carlson, Digital Photography
Suzie Quinn Studio, Oil & Pastel
21B. The Wellness Collective, 802-540-0186, Maltex Building 431 Pine Street, Suite #312
James Vogler, Oil
Kelley O’Neal, Abstract Photography
littlestPenguin Photography, Photography
Sherri Rigby, Woven Paintings
Tomomi Ueda, Acrylic, Watercolor & Pastel
21C. FromWithin Coaching, 802-777-2696, 431 Pine Street
Brian MacDonald, Photography
Mimi Magyar, Pen & Ink (Doodles) & Hand-Drawn Graphic Design
21D. Magic Hat, 802-863-8210, 431 Pine Street
Northfield Savings Bank Tent
Magic Hatacular at Art Hop
Labels for Libations Finalist Exhibit – People’s Choice Voting
Beer Garden
21E. Seven Days
Maltex Building (in front), 431 Pine Street
Hop on. Hop off.
5-10pm FREE
Cover more ground during the South End Art Hop with the Seven Days Shuttle, bringing art lovers from Howard Street to Flynn Avenue and back on Friday night! Look for our shuttle stops throughout the South End.
22. BCA Studios (Burlington City Arts), 802-865-7166, 405 Pine Street
23. Dealer.com, 888-894-8989, 1 Howard Street
S.T.E.A.M. Celebration
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
24. Paul McMillan Paintings, 412-320-5148, 80 Catherine Street
Paul McMillan, Oil Painting
25A. Howard Building Hallways, 4 Howard Street
Group Exhibit
Alan Hugh Chandler, Mixed Mediums & Photography
Florence Darling, Sumi Ink, Fabric & Etching
Jamie Proctor-Brassard, Zentangle & Photography
Joe Desrosiers, Sketch & Digital Imaging
Jonathan Walsh, Pencil, Pen and Water Color
Josh St. Onge, Psychedelic Cartoon Shadow Boxes
Liz Thompson, Ink Comic Art
Lyna Lou Nordstrom, Printmaking & Mixed Media
Megan Sabina Hack, Oil on Canvas & Board
Terri @Terrispirit.com, Collage, Paper, Pastel & Paint
Zoe Dubilier, Simple Black Pen Works
25B. Alchemy Jewelry Arts Gallery, 802-660-2032, 2 Howard Street, #A1
Connie Coleman, Jewelry
Marie-Josee Lamarche, Jewelry
25C. Dana Walrath802-660-2032, 2 Howard Street #A1
Dana Walrath, Mixed Media; 2D & 3D
26A. Catherine Hall Studio, 802-343-1781, 4 Howard Street, #4A
Catherine Hall, Multi-Media
26B. Wingspan Studios, 802-233-7676, 4 Howard Street
Maggie Standley, Painting, Murals, Decorative Painting, Classes in Art & French
Taylor Kingston, Weaving, Painting, Fashion & Furniture
26B. Linda E. Jones Studio, 802-825-8333, 4 Howard Street
Linda E. Jones, Oil, Encaustic & Mixed Media
26B. Julie A. Davis Fine Art Studio, 802-343-2539, 4 Hoard Street
Julie Davis, Oil
26C. Bluebird Fairies, 801-238-4540, 4 Howard Street
Emily Anderson, Inspirational Art
Melanie Webb, Photography
26C. Grounded: Clay Sculpture Studio, 802-825-8030, 4 Howard Street
Jennifer McCandless, Clay
Rachel Morton, Clay
26D. Vermont Singing Drum, 802-448-4223, 4 Howard Street
Timothy Danyliw, Metal
26D. Claude Lehman Pottery, 802-399-5181, 4 Howard Street
Claude Lehman, Clay
26E. Eight Space Art Studios, 802-863-4649, 4 Howard Street, #A8
Genese Grill, Almandal Grimoire (The Book as Magical Object)
Jamie MacKinnon, Poetry and Illustrations
July Sanders
Kylie Dally, Botanical Shadow Paintings
Roger Lebovitz, Writer
Sambatucada!  Afro-Brazilian Music
27A. Green Door Studio, 802-363-2005, 4 Howard Street, #G1
27B. RIVEN Furniture Studio, 802-578-3244, 4 Howard Street #C-1
Jen Hurst, Photography, Photo Transfers & Fine Art
Ross Doree, Green Woodturning
Mal Maiz, Live Music: Afro-Cumbia, Latin Dance Band
27C. Hive Studios, 802-863-8334, 420 Pine StreetAlexa Rivera, Basket Weaving
Jabari S. Jones, Printmaking & Painting
Jen Berger, Prints, Cards & Acrylic Paintings
Lydia Kern, Sculptures in Progress
Marie Davis, Polymer Clay
Patrick O’Shea, Sound, Light & Sculptural Installation
Sarah Letteney, Illustration
Jordan Douglas, Analog Photography
Jamie Barratt, Cut out paper
28A. E-1 Studio Collective, 802-324-4019, 416 Pine Street, #E-1
Burlington Community Glass Studio
Allison Gagne, Ceramics
Anna King, Watercolor, Graphite Pencils & Colored Pencils
Betsy Wright, Fiber
Caleb Bjork, Stained Glass
Eric Jorgensen, Woodworking
Jude Domski, Photography
Kevin Jurnack, Ceramics
Patrick Raferty, Oil & Acrylic
Rodney Lowe
Sarah Rosedahl, Artist, Illustrator & Author
Taylor Firestein
Terry Zigmund, Stained & Fused Glass
28B. Toni-Lee Sangastiano Studio, 646-415-1212, 416 Pine Street, #E-6
Toni-Lee Sangastiano, Mixed Media
28C. AO Glass, 802-488-4455, 416 Pine Street
Rich Arentzen, Glass Manufacturing
Tove Ohlander, T-Shirts & Paper
The New Standard, music
29. The Lamp Shop, 802-864-6782, 424 Pine Street
Karen Arp-Sandel, “Cappy’s” Mixed Media Sculpture & Collage
Steve Tremblay, Electric Sculpture
30A. Sterling Hardwoods / Sterling Furniture Works, 802-862-0186, 422 Pine Street
Tatiana Zelazo, Digital Photography & Acrylic Painting
Elizabeth Bunsen/EcoLoggia, Fiber Arts
30B. Vermonters for Justice in Palestine (VTJP), 802-658-4562,
Peter Schumann, House Paints on Cloth
31A. SEABA Gallery & Art Hop Headquarters, 802-859-9222, 404 Pine Street
Original Juried Show, Juror’s Selection
31B. Speeder & Earl’s Coffee, 802-658-6016, 412 Pine Street
Glasspets.com, Stained Glass
Martha Elmes, Lamp Installation
Steve Sharon, Abstract Expressionist Painter
31C. Big Heavy World, 802-865-1140, 404 Pine Street
 Sound Proof : an exhibit of 100+ black & white portraits of Vermont musicians circa 1990s
Matthew Thorsen, Photography
105.9FM The Radiator!
31D. ArtsRiot, 802-540-0406, 400 Pine Street
31E. Champlain College Pavilion, 404 Pine Street
Champlain College Emergent Media Center
Champlain College Broadcast Media Production
32. The Burlington Music Dojo, 802-540-321, 416 Pine Street
David A. Russell, Acrylic
Kevin Montanaro, Acrylic
PlantsDance, Vinyl Record Sculpture
33. Dedalus Wine Shop, 802-865-2368, 388 Pine Street
Keilani Lime, Acrylic w/Texture on Canvas
34. Speaking Volumes, 802-540-0107, 7 Marble Avenue
The Red Box
35A. BOX Art Studio, 802-660-9005, 7 Marble Avenue
Brooke Monte, Painting
Dostie, Painting
Lynne Reed, Painting
Samantha Handler, Painting
35B. Wild Muse Studio, 802-233-6811,7 Marble Avenue (Top Floor)
Lynne Reed, Painting, Felting & Lighting Design
36A. The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, 802-310-7220, 19 Marble Avenue, Suite #4
Christina Butt, String Art
Elizabeth Wareing, Photography
Megan Stearns, Pet Portraiture in Soft Pastel
Nicole Haley, Mixed Media
Tim Sinnott, Digital Print on Paper
Rick Davis, Sculpture
Seth Hibbert, Photography
36B. Unknown Arts, 802-540-0088, 19 Marble Avenue, Suite #6
LoKi, Performance & Visual Art
37A. Barge Canal Market, 802-497-7119, 377 Pine Street
Elizabeth Cleary, Acrylic & Mixed Media
Julianna Brazill, Acrylic Painting & Prints
37B. Speaking Volumes, 802-540-0107, 377 Pine Street
Al Salzman, Acrylic Figurative Painting
Jocelyn Woods, Art Model, Director & Designer
Todd Anderson, Digital Art Performance
B. Johanne Durocher Yordan Art, johanne@ybba.com

Visit Johanne on Friday in the Hopalong Street Closure on Friday night in her amazing mobile art gallery. Saturday visit her mixed media works at the Artist Market Extravaganza by the Maltex Building from 10-6pm

38. South End Joinery, 802-846-4016, 339 Pine Street
Jacob Mushlin, Woodworking
39A. Citizen Cider, 802-448-3278, 316 Pine Street, Suite #114
Community Art Project
39B. Dostie Bros. Frame Shop, 802-660-9005, 308 Pine Street, Suite #101
World’s Best Art
Dostie Bros. Presents The Off Center for the Dramatic Arts Fringe Showcase on the Green!
40. Skida Headwear, 802-540-8100, 16 Kilburn Street, Suite #116
41. Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga, 802-864-9642, 20 Kilburn Street, Suite #120
Amanda Vella, Acrylic
Carolyn Crotty, Mixed Media
Cheryl Summa, Beeswax Soaps & Candles
Elise Schadler : “wild places of Burlington”
Glasspets.com, Stained Glass
Jeffrey Trubisz, Photography
Katie Michels : “wild places of Burlington”
Lyna Lou Nordstrom, Mixed Media & Printmaking
Mary Ann Samuels : “wild places of Burlington”
Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr, Acrylic
42. Sequoia Salon, 802-540-8333, 39 Kilburn Street
Robert Waldo Brunelle JR, Acrylic Paint
43. Vermont Travel Poster, 802-865-1790, 305 St. Paul Street, Suite #321
Kevin Ruelle, Watercolor & Oil
44. Gosia Meyer Jewelry, 631-235-6541, 277 Pine Street
Gosia Meyer, Jewelry
45A. Conant Metal & Light, Inc., 802-658-4482, 270 Pine Street
Jonathan Ward, Mixed Media
Kyle Sikora, Mixed Media
Nicholas Hageman, Ceramics
Ralph Costantini, Mixed Media
Steve Conant, Mixed Media
45B. Jane Koplewitz Jewelry, 802-658-3347, 270 Pine Street
Jane Koplewitz, Jewelry
46. ReSOURCE: A Nonprofit Community Enterprise, 802-658-4143, 266 Pine Street
ReSOURCE Staff & Volunteers Exhibit
47A. The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, 802-578-2512, 266 Pine Street, Suite 105
Alex Costantino, Paintings & Ceramics
Ali Moore, Oil & Acrylic
Andrea Currie, Wooden Sculptures & Paintings
Andrew Prendimano, Design Markers, Colored Pencil & Dyes
Anna May Sisk, Metal & Mixed Media
Autumn Lee, Photography
Barbee Hauzinger, Photography & Collage
Chris Dunwoody, Photography, Collage & Mixed Media
Christy Mitchell, Collage, Assemblage & Mixed Media
Chuck Niles, Acrylic
Danielle Jatlow, Ink on Paper
David Magnanelli, Digital Art & Illustration
David Russell, Acrylic
Dorsey Hogg, Book Art
Frank DeAngelis, Acrylics, Spray-paint, Charcoal & Pencil
Frank Illo, Steel & Wood
Hala Williams, Acrylic
Holly Friesen, Acrylic & Mixed Media
House of LeMay, Historical Retrospective: Mixed Media
Howard Center Arts Collective, Mixed Media
Hueydotnewton, Mixed Media
Jake Rifken, Wire Sculpture & Mixed Media
James Kobak, Painting
Janet Bonneau, Oil
Jeff Bruno, Painting, Graphite, Charcoal & Mixed Media
Jess Polanshek, Pen & Watercolor
Kristin Richland, Acrylic & Drawing
Lauren Mazzotta, Photography
Lisa Pelliter, Acrylic & Painted Wine Glasses
Longina Smolinski, Painting, Clay Sculpture & Jewelry
Mark Eliot Schwabe, Steampunk Wearable Art & Dollar Door
Martha Hull, Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media, Scratchboard & Dolls
Matt Larson, Mixed Media
Michael Farnsworth, Photography on Metal Prints
Mindy Blank, Photography, Paintings, Collage, Furniture & Clothing
Morgan Stark, Mixed Media
Nancy Tomczak, Watercolor Collage & Watercolor
Norman LaRock, Recycled Metal Sculpture
Peter Richards, Paint & Ink, Graphite & Thank You Machines
Randy Ross, Enamel on Wood
Robert Waldo Brunelle, Acrylic Paintings
Ryan Brown, Acrylic Paintings
Sandra Brown, Jewelry, Painting & Mixed Media
Tim Neiley, Oil & Acrylic
Tinka Martell, Mixed Media
Will Kasso Condry, Acrylic, Aerosol & Oil Paint
47B. Alice & the Magician, 802-234-1218, 266 Pine Street, Suite #103
Matt Pardue, Oil on Canvas
47C. Revival Studios, 802-355-4091, 422 Pine Street
Aaron Stein, License Plate Art 
48. Aikido of Champlain Valley, 802-485-8428, 257 Pine Street
Chris Carfaro, Calligraphy
Danielle Pecor, Ink Drawings
Jane Pincus, Painting
Michael Trimpol, Glass Blowing
Turner Osler, Ergonomic Chairs
49. Freeman French Freeman; Architects, 802-864-6844, 81 Maple Street
The Artist Within Architects & Their Art, Mixed
Trine Wilson Photography, Photography
50. The Karma Bird House Gallery, 802-864-5884, 47 Maple Street
Iskra Print Collective, Screen Print
51. Bobbin Mills Community Center, 518-894-9926, 234 S. Champlain Street
Art of Burlington Housing Authority Residents
Kylie Dally, Shadow Painting Participatory Art, Paintings & Found Natural Objects
Corrine Yonce, Voices of Home ft BHA Residents, Paintings & Audio Interviews
52. Jim’s Basement, 802-373-2890, 56 King Street
53. Ask for a High Five if you can find…
Adam Brooks
54A. Railyard Apothecary, 802-540-0595, 270 Battery Street
Susan Nova Staley, Acrylic & Mixed Media
54B. Railyard Yoga, 802-318-6050, 270 Battery Street
55. Art’s Alive Union Station Gallery at Main Street Landing, 802-859-9222, 1 Main Street
25th South End Art Hop Founders Exhibit
56. The GALLERY by Art’s Alive at Main Street Landing at Lake & College, 802-859-9222, 60 Lake Street
BillyBob, Acrylic
57. Artspace 106 @ The Men’s Room, 802-864-2088, 106 Main Street
Moments: Photography by Reid Crosby
58. 100 Main @ North Star Sports, 802-233-3933, 100 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Anastasia Osolin, Mixed Media Assemblage
Ashwinee Kulkarni, Upcycling Used Products
Bob Hooker, Paper Pulp & Crochet
Corrina Thurston, Colored Pencil & Graphite
GB Glass, Fused Glass
Holly Hauser, Paint
Jan Reynolds, Photography
Jennifer Carusone, Ebroidery on Canvas & Fiber Art
Jerry Ralya, Pastel
Kim Senior, Oil & Acrylic Landscapes
Lynn Cummings Art, L.L.C., Acrylic & Watercolor
Marian Willmott, Oil
Melissa Storrow, Watermedia & Pencil
Nathanael Asaro, Digital Photography
Sienna Fontaine, Watercolor & Acrylic
Stephen Beattie Photography, Photography
Vanessa Compton, Hand-cut Mixed Media Collage
59. Vermont Comedy Club, 802-373-7007, 101 Main Street
Caitlin E. Plumer, Monoprints & Paintings
Shavonne Kenney, Acrylic
60. Battery Street Jeans & Cavendish Gallery, 802-865-6223, 115 College Street
Aurora Brunell, Paint
Will Gebhard, Paint
61. Montstream Studio, 802-862-8752, 129 St. Paul Street
Katharine Montstream, Oil & Watercolor
62. McCarthy Art Gallery, 413-426-1498, 8 Pearl Street
Dennis McCarthy, Oil

*Please Note: Artists for Placement, you have been sent an email with your placement and drop off times. Please contact Sarah if you did not get this email -Thank you!*

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