Outdoor Sculptures 2018

During the month of September, the South End is filled with incredible sculptures and murals that alter the landscape of the Arts District into a fantastical world of form and color.  Metal, clay, wood, and more are used to create works of art for visitors to view and enjoy.  In addition to those made for this year’s Art Hop, there are several permanent installations that are iconic of Burlington’s South End. We are pleased to present the following local artists sculptures for this years Art Hop in addition to all of the existing sculptures in the South End, generously sponsored by Peregrine Design Build!

Piece by Tyler Vendituoli

Petra Cliffs – 105 Briggs Street
            Tyler Vendituoli, Second Murmuration 

Switchback Brewery – 160 Flynn Avenue
            Gerald Stoner, Sidestep

FlynnDog Gallery – 208 Flynn Avenue
*             Kate Pond, Furnace Rakes
*             John Housekeeper, Untitled
*             Untitled Steel Sculpture (woman reaching) by Eben  Markowski 
*             Bren Alvarez, File Under So. Co.,Waiting For….

 Pine & Flynn Building – 316 Flynn Avenue
               Jake PillConant Metal & Light, Stockholm Modern

Noyes Automotive – 777 Pine Street
              John Matusz, The Hive

 Lake Champlain Chocolates – 750 Pine Street
               Tyler Vendituoli, South Burlington Gooses

 RL Photo40 Sears Lane
               Tyler Vendituoli, Puff Ball

Piece by Lydia Kern

Innovation Center – 128 Lakeside Avenue
*             Lars Fisk, Slum Ball

Burlington Electric Dept. – 585 Pine Street
across from Locust Street
*             Ron Hernandez, Big Buddha Is Watching

 in front of BED
              Lydia Kern
              Carley Tillinghast, Dancing in the Rain

Alchemy Studio – 2 Howard Street, On Pine St.
*             Timothy Grannis, Untitled

 Alley Cats – Behind Speeder & Earl’s
*            Aaron Grossman, Tree Mirror

 SEABA-Speeder & Earls-Great Harvest
*             Terry Zigmund & Amy Houghton, Rain Chain Sculpture

Piece by John Matusz

South End Art Park – in front of Great Harvest
*             Tyler Vendituoli, Camille
*             Ken Mills, Consequences

 Main Street Landing – 1 Main Street      
*             Steve Larrabee, et. Al., Winged Monkeys
*             Christopher Curtis, Venus

Brickbox Co. – Courtyard at 110 Main Street
*             Jonathan Draught, Youth, ex. Tree of Life series

 Burlington Telecom – 200 Church Street
*             Kat Clear, Katster Bike Lock

NOTE:  * denotes Permanent Installations, other artworks are newly displayed for this year’s South End Art Hop

****Sponsored by Peregrine Design Build*****


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