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The planBTV South End draft was released on June 16, 2015.  This 99 page document with accompanying 18 page Toolkit for Preserving the Arts, covers everything from Transportation to Economic Development, from the Champlain Parkway to enhancing the arts district.  You can find the links to the online version here.

SEABA served as the ‘south end hub’ over the next 2 months of the planning process.  We held meetings tackling the various topics in the plan, so that the public could provide the city planners with informed, constructive feedback.  These meetings were be shared via social media, enewsletter, website, and in print.  We will had visuals in our gallery, a laptop to provide feedback via the webtool, copies of the plan and toolkit, prior to the October 1st deadline for public comments.  We are looking forward to the revised draft plan which will possibly come out in November/December 2015.

According to the first draft plan, SEABA would take a lead or assist in projects designed to enhance, protect, manage, and facilitate the fusion of art & industry as we have done over the past 29 years.  We ultimately want to do what is truly best for the residents, businesses, and creative entrepreneurs that make our South End so darn unique…so please stay in touch, and stay involved with SEABA and we’ll do the same.

-Adam Brooks, Executive Director of SEABA


Upcoming Events:

Check back in December 2015 for more events when the revised draft plan is released.


Past Events:

SEABA, in collaboration with the PlanBTV South End team, hosted & facilitated multiple discussions regarding the PlanBTV South End Draft Plan. All meetings were open to the public, held at SEABA, and invited experts to attend as well to speak about individual portions of the plan.

July 6th – Economic Development

July 9th – Arts & Affordability

July 15th – Housing

July 21st – Mobility & Parks/Beaches/Connections

July 28th – Brownfields/Stormwater

planBTV South End is a creative place making project designed to engage South End artists, businesses, residents, and property owners in what changes will be coming to the South End. To help inform, engage, and support this process there are important links and upcoming events listed below.  The process is being led by consultants from Goody Clancy & Civic Moxie in partnership with Burlington City Arts and Planning & Zoning.

SEABA has advocated, and provided a voice, for the South End Arts District for the past 29 years, always with a focus on ‘what’s best for the south end’.  SEABA has been working with all city departments to help engage, inform, and assist this project to the benefit of the entire South End Arts District.  Please connect with us if you’d like to learn more and be involved!

Important Links:

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planBTV South End facebook page

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