Animating Infrastructure RFP


Request for Proposals
: $1,500
Deadline: April 30, 2016
Information: Animating Infrastructure

The South End Arts & Business Associations (SEABA) mission is ‘Fusing Art & Industry’ by enhancing the aesthetic experience, economic development, and cultural image of Burlington, VT, specifically the South End Arts District.  We are happy to announce that we’ve received a Small & Inspiring grant from the Vermont Community Foundation to help ‘Animate Infrastructure”. The installation of this initiative in the South End will bring the community together through art, provide a safety measure, by animating a crosswalk intersection here in the South End Arts District.

This project is open to SEABA Members, South End professional artists, artisans, or individuals who have experience in the design, and implementation of public art. Each applicant must have a proven track record meeting budgetary and timeline considerations.

SEABA Exhibitions is the grant and project manager for this intiative.  SEABA has a great deal of experience in the procurement, selection, and display of artwork in the community. SEABA Exhibitions is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation. Our operating funds come from partnerships with corporations, membership, charitable grants and support of the South End Art Hop.

SEABA reserves the right to make no selection in this process if the appropriate piece is not presented.


  • Participation in this entry process constitutes a full understanding and acceptance of the conditions set forth above, previously, and the following
  • SEABA, the artist, and the Burlington Department of Public Works will work together to purchase appropriate paint to be used on Pine Street.
  • Artist will take in consideration that work is appropriate for active pedestrian, and vehicular environments. SEABA will be in charge of permitting if applicable, and all city zoning requirements must be followed.
  • The design should reflect the vision and creative environment of the South End community as well as its vibrant culture. Once selected, this artwork will invite the community and visitors to explore, examine, and become engaged in the process.
  • The design must also incorporate the SEABA/SEAD (South End Arts District) logo in some fashion, black version is permissible.  SEABA can provide logo file upon request.
  • The dimensions of the crosswalk are 6’ wide by 37.5’ long, and slightly diagonal (images attached).
  • Will attend unveiling of project and participate in any, and all, publicity and media promotions when requested
  • The design budget shall not include travel and accommodations, meals and any other issues deemed relevant.


The creation of an artistic crosswalk will occur either at the intersection of Pine & Howard ( to Maltex) or at the intersection of Pine & Flynn.  The crosswalk is approximately 6’ wide by 37.5’ long.

To be considered for the 2016 Animating Infrastructure Project, artists must submit the following for the projected installation date of Spring/Summer of 2016:

  • Completed Design Proposal
  • Resume or Biography or Artist Statement
  • Projected budget (grant of $1,500 can only include artists time & paint supplies)
  • Minimum of 2 digital images of outdoor artwork (to-scale)

Please submit to by end of day on April 30, 2016