First Friday Art Walk in the South End, January 6th

Don’t you just love that the fluffy snow is finally falling here in Vermont?! If you are excited to get out in it, we encourage you to take a walk about in the South End of Burlington this Friday night. The events are everywhere, here is a small glimpse of what is happening in the South End Arts District:

First Friday Art Walk for January 6, 2012

Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, 180 Flynn Ave, Suite 2, First Friday, 5-8pm

We Art Women, artist collective

FLYNNDOG, 208 Flynn Ave, 363-4746, First Friday 6-8pm

Chris Cleary, Ethan Bond-Watts, and Homer Wells

RL Photo 27 Sears Lane, First Friday 6-10pm, awards at 8:30pm

Creative Competition, On January 4, 5 and 6, between 9am-5pm, interested artists pay an $8 entry fee to submit and install one work (any size, medium, subject or style) for a people’s choice, winner takes all competition.

The SEABA Center, 404 Pine St, 859-9222, First Friday 5-8pm

2nd Annual Finissage featuring the work of Katharine Montstream, W. David Powell, Ashley Roark, Larry Bissonette & more

Davis Studio Gallery, 404 Pine St, 425-2700, First Friday 5-8pm

Me, Myself and I, self-portraits of artists 4-12 years old.  Meet the artists during the reception.

Dostie Bros. Frame Shop 308 Pine St, Suite 101 (Kilburn and Gates Building), 660-9005

The Figure of It Is, work by Isaac Wasuck, First Friday 5-8pm

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery 266 Pine St, Suite 105, 578-2515, First Friday 5-10pm

Small Works Exhibit, featuring a group show of work measuring 12” or less

The Backspace Gallery 266 Pine St, Suite 105, 578-2515, First Friday 5-10pm

Small Gifts $50 or less, featuring artwork priced at $50 or less

Revival Studio: Garage Gallery, The Soda Plant, 266 Pine St, 355-4091, First Friday 5-8pm

Aaron Stein, work created from recycled license plates

Jackie Mangione Studio, The Soda Plant, 266 Pine St, 598-1504, First Friday 5-8pm

Rachel Grossman, mixed media works

Open During the Day on Friday:

VCAM/RETN Art Space, 208 Flynn Ave #2-G (building behind FLYNNDOG, lakeside loading ramp), 651-9692, Friday 10am-10pm, Nathan Campbell’s “Own and Occupy”

Pine Street Deli, 316 Flynn Ave, 862-9614, Friday 6am-10pm, James Marc Leas

Alchemy Jewelry Arts Collective, 2 Howard St. #1A (corner of Pine and Howard), Friday 10am-5pm Timothy Grannis, Jane Frank, Connie Coleman, and Marie-Josee Lamarche

Speeder and Earl’s, 412 Pine St, 658-6016, Friday 7am-5:30pm

Mary Hill: New Work

Maltex Building, 431 Pine St, 865-7166, Friday 9-5pm

4 floors of art, curated by Burlington City Arts

Speaking Volumes, 377 Pine (next to Myer’s Bagels), 540-0107, Friday, 10am-5pm,

Mary Provenzano, paintings and prints & Jenny Burton, paintings and collages

Brickels Studio Gallery, 266 Pine, Suite 104-A, 825-8214, Friday 10am-4pm

John Brickels, clay sculpture & Wendy James, paintings and photoraphs

See you in the District soon!

Thanks for a great Holiday Hop!

The South End Holiday Hop took place December 9-11, be sure to check out the Holiday Hop page as a reference to shop local in the future!


The annual South End Holiday Hop is a full weekend dedicated to promoting local holiday sales in the South End of Burlington.

You can participate in the fun as you hop and shop 30 creative venues on:

Friday December 9 from 5 – 8pm
Saturday December 10 from 10 – 5pm
Sunday December 11 from Noon – 4pm

Full Map and Listings are featured on our Holiday Hop Page.

A complete guide and map is available at the SEABA Center, 404 Pine Street and at area businesses.

We are looking forward to another successful event!

First Friday Art Walk in the South End

There’s so much to see and do in the South End Arts District this Friday night! Join us for an evening of poetry, art competitions, small art, and fabulous gift ideas from 5pm till 8 (or later!).

Here’s the scoop:

In the Soda Plant on Pine:

Brickels Studio Gallery, stoneware bots large and small by John Brickels & paintings and photographs by Wendy James

Jackie Mangione Studio
, watercolor and acrylic paintings, archival prints, note cards and gift items from The Vermont Apron Company

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, Small Works exhibit featuring artwork measuring 12″ or less in any direction (open until 9pm)

The Backspace Gallery, Small Gifts under $50, perfectly priced artwork for holiday shopping on a budget (open until 9pm)

On Pine Street:

Dostie Bros. Frame Shop
, drawings and paintings of mysterious pedigree by the duo Franglais

The SEABA Center, Finissage, featuring a selection of works by artists who have shown at SEABA curated venues over the past year

Davis Studio Gallery, oil paintings by Lydia Litwin and inkworks by Nicholas Heilig

AO Glass, learn about glass as an expressive medium with demonstrations of polar bear production from 3 – 9pm

Sangastiano Studio
, featuring work by Toni-Lee Sangastiano & Alan Alejo

Vermont Glass Designs
, Ruth Murphy will be on hand demonstrating her craft

Alchemy Jewelry Arts Gallery, handcrafted designer jewelry and sculpture & paintings by Susan Osmond

On Sears Lane:

RL Photo, Creative Competition, bring one piece of artwork during the day and compete to win all the entry fee money, People’s Choice Award at 8:30

On Flynn Ave:

Pine Street Deli, new paintings by Jimmy Leas on display

FLYNNDOG, poetry reading at 7:00, “Reading in Tongues”–original poetry in Italian, Gaelic, German and Spanish presented by 5 poets

VCAM/RETN Art Space, artist Nathan Campbell is on hand for the release of his interactive video game, “Own & Occupy”

Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, celebrating their grand opening with work by Lorraine Reynolds and Lisa Lillibridge

November’s First Friday Art Walk in the South End

First Friday Happenings in the South End Arts District

Opening Receptions: Friday November 4, from 5 – 8pm

On Flynn Ave:

Flynndog “AlphaBetaBestiario”, new poetry by Antonello Borra, with an exhibition of artwork from the book & “Captive”, new paintings by Delia Robinson.

On Sears Lane:

RL Photo Creative Competition “Creative Competition” From 7am-5pm bring one piece of artwork to RL Photo, pay the $8 entry fee, install your work and you are in.  At 6pm visitors vote for the work they like and at 8:30pm award winners are announced.

On Pine Street:

The SEABA Center “Trancendence,” a traveling exhibit in collaboration with the Women’s Rape Crisis Center by Carol MacDonald and Erik Rehman

Davis Studio Gallery “Vermont Ski Posters”, by Nicholas Heilig

Vermont Glass Designs Ruth Murphy will be on hand demonstrating her craft.

Dostie Bros. Frame Shop “Masterpiece and (smith)”, vibrant paintings by Mr. Masterpiece and (michael smith)

In The Soda Plant on Pine Street:

The S.P.A.C.E. and The Backspace Galleries “Make Art, Repeat.” 5-9pm
Featuring the repetitious work of Ashley Roark, Christy Mitchell, Jaclyn Bishop, Wylie Sofia Garcia, Hilary Ann Love Glass, Abby Manock, and Isaac Wasuck.

Brickels Studio Gallery “Cluster Bot Infestation” by John Brickels, along with paintings by Wendy James.

Jackie Mangione Studio Watercolor paintings of Red Rocks and Vermont Summer Gardens by Jackie Mangione.

Revival Studio: Garage Gallery License plate artwork on display by Aaron Stein.

See you Friday!