Promotional Opportunity for South End Businesses

The Local First program from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility is looking to work with South End Artists and Trades People.  This is a local marketing plan that caters to small business through the production of the Local First Book that features coupons to local businesses and a guide to local resources.  The deadline to enter is June 15th, to find out how to get involved contact Nicolette at

Volunteer for Burlington Wine & Food Festival

For those of you interested in volunteering for the Burlington Wine & Food Festival, check out the form here: Wine & Food Festival Volunteer Form

Charcoals and Metal Works at the SEABA Gallery

SEABA is delighted to announce two exhibitions in our gallery during May. We will be displaying the work from iron and bronze casting events at Pine Street Studios, and recent charcoal drawings by noted artist Alison Goodwin.

Alison Goodwin

By Alison Goodwin

After a commercially successful twenty year career selling paintings, pastels, and limited edition prints in galleries, Alison felt the need to re-explore her work and get back to the roots from which it sprang.  The freedom afforded to her by drawing rather spontaneously with charcoal allowed her personal and professional nourishment without abandoning her distinctive style. This show is the first public exhibition of these charcoal drawings, and also includes some of her paintings that were at least a partial reaction to this shift in process represented by the charcoal works.

The Iron Pour

Bodice by Diane Gabriel

The Iron Pour workshop has been hosted at Pine Street Studios since 2006.Our iron is mined from broken household radiators collected at Queen City Steel in Burlington’s Intervale. (Jeff Goldfield, the President of QCS, has been generously donating the iron from his scrap pile since we began.)

Students break up the damaged radiators with sledge hammers. The resulting iron pieces are melted in a foundry, and then the liquid metal, at about 2,000 degrees, is poured into molds made by the art students.

The Iron Pour workshop is taught by Elijah Sproles, a New Orleans artist who has been teaching classes in casting iron for nearly 20 years. In 2005, when we learned that his home and foundry had been badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, we invited him to take a break from rebuilding and come teach his class for a summer weekend in Vermont. He came, and has been coming each year to teach the class ever since. Because of his mentorship, there is now a team of artists who have learned to handle the furnace at Pine Street Studios.

The art that you will see are samples of some of the work cast by students of the Iron Pour. In the past five years we have cast nearly 4,000 pounds of iron — all of it from radiators.

Libby by Kat Clear

There will be a demonstration Iron Pour on June 3, at Pine Street Studio, andthe public is welcome to attend. If you are interested in signing up for the next Iron Pour Workshop, please leave us your contact information on the sign-up sheet.

In Support of the South End Arts District

Co-Directors Christy Mitchtell and Roy Feldman. Photo by Rick Norcross

This morning the Vermont House of Representatives voted unanimously to approve resolution H.C.R. 132, recognizing the South End Arts and Business Association’s (SEABA) 25 years of supporting the development of South End Arts District and the creative economy in the City of Burlington. The resolution, offered by Chittenden County State Representative Suzi Wizowaty, along with Rep. Johanna Leddy Donavan, and Senators: Baruth, Fox, Lyons, Miller, and Snelling, offers an account of the history of this unique part of Vermont’s largest city. The resolution also cites how the South End Arts District, now in common usage in Burlington’s newspapers, is home to nearly one hundred artists’ studios, and numerous businesses directly involved in the creative economy.

SEABA directors Roy Feldman and Christy Mitchell, along with board members, Rick Norcross and Mark Waskow, were in attendance and asked by Representative Wizowaty to stand and be recognized by the full house of State Representatives.

To complement this development in formalizing the South End Arts District, SEABA has created the SEABA Center at 404 Pine Street. The SEABA Center is a showcase for the organization’s commercial and artist membership, and will serve as an information center for those who wish to know more about exhibition spaces, galleries, and studios within the District, and throughout Burlington.