The History of Art’s Alive

For over 30 years Art’s Alive has worked to fulfill its mission statement by dedicating itself to increasing the awareness of and appreciation of Vermont’s Visual Artists. For three decades the organization has produced hundreds of group and individual exhibitions, including the Annual Festival of Fine Art in June featuring Art in the Windows on Church St., a Juried Exhibition in Main Street Landing’s Union Station and Chalk Drawing Competition in the City Hall Park. As the community evolved so did Art’s Alive. What began as the Woman’s Art Caucus grew into an inclusive organization providing opportunity for any visual artist who is a legal resident of Vermont whether that artist is a seasoned professional or a first time exhibitor seeking to emerge into the Burlington Art Scene. For many artists the Art’s Alive Juried Exhibition or FOFA, as it has become known, was, is, and will be their first Juried Exhibition!

“Before there was an Art Hop, before there was a BCA Art Center in the Firehouse on Church St., before there was First Friday Art, there was the Art’s Alive Festival of Fine Art! Art’s Alive is proud to be a part of the Artistic and Creative Awakening that has become intrinsic to the culture of Burlington. For this reason we are proud to merge into another organization that shares the core values, goals and dedication to the creative community that have made Art’s Alive so successful for so many years, SEABA. We believe this partnership will ensure that the Visual Arts will remain alive, thriving and growing for the next decade as well for many more to come after that. SEABA’s resources, staff and Board Leadership are a perfect match for the operational duties required to keep the Art’s Alive Galleries at Main Street Landing alive and overflowing with the work of Vermont artists.” Alex Dostie, past Executive Director of Arts Alive Vermont.

“Since the early 1990’s, Arts Alive has been the curator and manager for the Main Street Landing galleries on Burlington’s Waterfront.  Under the tireless leadership of Alex Dostie and Arts Alive, attendance and the prominence of our art galleries has grown.”  says Melinda Moulton, CEO of Main Street Landing.  “In 2016, SEABA (South End Arts and Business Association) will be taking the reins from Arts Alive to manage Main Street Landing’s galleries.  We are thrilled and excited about this transition and expect wonderful happenings around the arts at Main Street Landing for years to come.”

SEABA curates exhibits at more than a dozen locations throughout Chittenden County, and also presents the annual art event The South End Art Hop.  We will continue to use the strong brand of Arts Alive, and look at more opportunities to showcase the wonderful creative talent here in the State of Vermont through exhibits and events.

SEABA (South End Arts & Business Association) is a member based non-profit organization located at 404 Pine Street, which supports the arts and businesses of the South End of Burlington. Its signature event, the South End Art Hop, underwritten by Ben & Jerry’s, entered its 24th year in 2016 on September 9-11th.  SEABA is involved in connecting our community through creativity including Art Under the Influence events, curating art exhibits, marketing, community outreach and advocacy, and operation of the SEABA Gallery as a showcase for artists and information center for visitors.