Ecologgia by Elizabeth Bunsen










Ecologgia by Elizabeth Bunsen is located within the SEABA Center. The gallery functions as exhibition space as well as a working studio open to visitors and classes. Elizabeth also runs immersion workshops at their lakehouse in beautiful Charlotte, VT.

Come – share tea, play and create a sensually delightful stash of richly patterned materials in a delicious earthy palette with which to fashion small books, art quilts, collages and whatever you might fancy.  In ou workshops we explore mark making on fabric and paper using tea, rust, eucalyptus, indigo and asemic writing. As we dance across the color wheel I will share my techniques and thoughts about the potency of deep play and meditative creativity. Bring your boundless curiosity, a playful spirit and a beginner’s mind – we will adventurously explore new frontiers.

I have taken a workshop with Elizabeth here in Vermont and it has added a whole new dimension into my work.  Exploring stitchery and working with eucalyptus cooked paper and fabric and using natural colors from rust indigo tea and eucalyptus  has been a centering calming  beautiful and humbling experience . It seems as though an ancient source is being tapped ..I am going deeper into my well and discovering new refreshing waters. It is wonderful and exciting and I am grateful.”  Testimonial from Linda Finkelstein

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